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Warfare in Workplace

Workplace is a very decent environment with equal and fair treatment among all mates. All your colleagues are honest, straightforward and respectful. Your boss is a one of a kind person who keeps encouraging and motivating you and your colleagues. He/she does not show any sign of favoritism or incivility. He/she does not surround him/herself […]

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Dare To Doubt!

In a world in which the only constant is relentless change, decisiveness is a delusion. in such a world, the faculty of doubting becomes a virtue. But only few  leaders who dare to doubt the status quo. The faculty of  thinking doubtfully and scrutinizing the current conditions is one of the most appealing and required […]

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A Decent Job Quit

We all pay great attention when we are about to join a new job. We do all necessary to leave a good impression to our bosses, colleagues and subordinates. We should do the same when we decide, no matter the reason, to quit our current job. Job quitting requires the same sort of planning we […]