Businessyard Coworking Space Description

Businessyard coworking space terrace viewBusiness yard is located in a decent area in Cairo center (Al Dokki, Al Mesaha Square), easily accessible to all types of transportations and 7-minutes walking from Al Dokki Metro Station.

The office is located at the 10th floor, with an amazing bird-view from the terrace, and minimal impact of noise and pollution.
The coworking space  facilities include high speed Wi-Fi (With backup internet line to guarantee zero-down time), copy and printing services and meeting rooms equipped with stylish glass whiteboards and large LED screens for presentations.
The shared and private office spaces are air conditioned, with ergonomic chairs, and surveillance system.

Why Coworking Space ?

of the workforce in 2020 will be freelancers, solopreneur and independent contractors

of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on time

said they were able to focus better while coworking

have better interactions with others after coworking

are more relaxed at home since coworking

said they felt more confidence after coworking

report higher incomes

only prefer to work during normal business hours

Businessyard Coworking Space Etiquette

The coworking area isn’t a coffee shop, and it isn’t library either:

You don’t have to whisper and then feel the guilt as what happens in the libraries. Greeting the coworkers is encouraged, short conversations are ok, and the very short phone calls are acceptable in the coworking areas. For anything else, please choose the appropriate facility [The terrace, the lounge, the meeting room or the phone-zone]

The coworker is –by nature- a global worker:

no matter how loyal you are to your home-land, someday you might be sitting in other coworking space in other city, seeking some help. So, just be willing to help

You’re NEVER fully dressed without a smile:

The least you can do to your coworkers is to share a smile. We understand that not every day is a lovely day, since we live here too! So, don’t push yourself to fake a smile, just remind yourself to make it whenever possible.

This is a ‘Shareconomy’ model, and sharing is caring:

Your desk is shared with you by a predecessor, and you will be sharing it with a successor. So, be kind enough to leave it clean and organized. Smoking isn’t allowed in the closed spaces including the meetings rooms, and food is only permitted in the lounge, kitchen and the terrace.

Use the universal Do-Not-Disturb tool:

The magic do-not-disturb sign is your headphone! Putting it on means that you are concentrating and don’t want to be disturbed, even if it is switched off!

The coworkers are speaker freakers!

Yes we have phone zone& terrace area for your long calls, however we urge you to be kind to the environment; and put your phone on silent or vibrate mode, and don’t use the speaker phone option as most of the coworkers are “speaker freakers”

The Facilities & Services

Coworking space facilities


Kitchenette that offers coffee, flavored tea and other hot/cold drinks for you and your visitors, on 5 pounds fixed-price menu.

Spacious Terrace

Open air spacious terrace, ideal for socialization, chats, informal meetings, private discussions, smoking and dining.

Recreation Room

Recreation room for relaxation and to spice up your working day with some game challenges, or to watch the TV.

Mobile Zone

Phone zone, to help you take longer calls in privacy while not disturbing other co-workers.

Printing, scanning and photocopying service

Access to printing, scanning, photocopying and fax (all free – fair usage policy).

Community Member

600 EGP (Renewal)

80 hours per month

High-speed Wi-Fi

Access to the printing service

10% discount on meeting rooms

650 EGP (New Membership)

Business User

1000 EGP (Renewal)

Business hours (8 hours per day)

High-speed Wi-Fi

Access to the printing service

20% discount on meeting rooms

Eligible to use Business yard address on business cards and flyers

Phone-answering service

1050 EGP (New Membership)

Second Home

1250 EGP (Renewal)

Unlimited hours (from 9 AM to 11 PM )

High-speed Wi-Fi

Access to the printing service

30% discount on meeting rooms

Eligible to use Business yard address on business card and flyers

Phone-answering service

2 free drinks per day

1300 EGP (New Membership)

Extra Services Charges
Day-use in the shared coworking space: 15 LE/Hour for the first 3 hours and 10 LE/Hour for any more hour on the same day OR (75 EGP/Day)
Private Locker: 150 LE/month and 100 LE deposit for 2 keys
Outgoing Calls (National and International Calls charged at cost)
Postal and courier Services (Charged at cost, and executed via selected partners)
We offer Buffet Services (Hot Drinks – Cold Drinks – Snacks)

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