Dare To Doubt!

In a world in which the only constant is relentless change, decisiveness is a delusion. in such a world, the faculty of doubting becomes a virtue. But only few  leaders who dare to doubt the status quo.

The faculty of  thinking doubtfully and scrutinizing the current conditions is one of the most appealing and required attribute of a true leader. While the mass is tending to surf the wave and feel comfortable to settle within the prevailing ideas, true leaders have the capability of spotting the need for change and dare to doubt the current ideas. They are capable pf providing the necessary driving force for changing the mindset of their followers and teams, and for altering the plans when it’s necessary.





The most erroneous stories are those we think we know the best, and therefore never scrutinize or question- Stephan Jay Gould. 

Change and continuous adaptation are becoming the rule for any business to thrive or even survive. And the pace of such change is soaring from day to day. And, unfortunately it won’t wait for you to recognize it.So, true leaders should be equipped with the following:

  • The faculty of predicting the need for change earlier enough through his/her doubtful thinking;
  • The ability to flag the need for change; and
  • The ability to inspire and cultivate the will of change in his/ her followers.

 The change pattern might be very dynamic or even extremely chaotic under some circumstances.In such cases, the virtue of continuous scrutiny of your strategy becomes a matter of survive or demise. I have personally experienced such cases for which what was a pillar for our strategy several months ago, has turned out to be obsolete and need to completely change.   

Kareem Ibrahim